Monday, February 13, 2017

The Valentine's Day Colored Crochet Towel

Here is the crochet towel that I made with a Valentine's Day theme in mind.  I didn't add hearts, but
Crochet Towel
Image copyright Dawn Conklin/My Daily Crochet
the colors are white, purple, pink and red.  I love how well crochet towels work, but I think I will change the border next time if I use this same stitch with the next towel.  I tried to do a simple sc border around but it just didn't turn out even on the border.  But it is still a nice towel!

I used Lily Sugar 'N Cream for it.  If you do a crochet towel, you really need to use cotton yarn.  I made it a bit bigger then expected also, but it was my first time using this stitch for a towel.  I think I chained 50 but once I started to add the stitches, it really got bigger then a normal hand towel.  Probably try 35 or 40 next time.

It is a basic stitch of sc, dc in the same stitch then skip stitch and sc, dc in next stitch,  Once you are on the second row and beyond you are doing a sc, dc in the sc from the previous row and you are skipping the dcs from the previous rows.

It is a nice towel tho that works great! It is just big and using a border of scs made it a little uneven.  It is only my second towel I have made tho so it is a learning process of what works best! 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Very Valentine Crochet Part 2

Filet Crochet Valentine's Day Heart Placemats
Image Copyright Dawn Conklin/My Daily Crochet
Originally I was going to share the towel I made during this post, but I think I will do that tomorrow
and share this idea today.  The towel can really be used any time where as these placemats are more for Valentine's Day then any other time.  It is a filet crochet.  I love the way the filet crochet looks.  It turns out so neat I think!

This was not my pattern and i will share the link to them, but the image is of my finished placemats.  I thought they were really a cute idea and so I decided this was the pattern to use.  The creator was originally using them for a blanket, which is another great idea too.

I tried to make a few different heart patterns when experimenting with the idea of making crochet Valentine's Day placemats, but this was the one that really stood out for me.  I used Red Heart supersaver for them, I like to use it for placemats and blankets.  I also used a size 6.50 (size K) to get the bigger size square and I did like she did with the border, 3 rows of sc.

Here are the patterns (there are 2 different patterns here):
Heart Filet Block 1
Heart Filet Block 2

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Very Valentine Crochet Part 1

Valentine's Day themed potholders copyright
Dawn Conklin/My Daily Crochet
I decided to experiment a little bit over the past year to see what may work and not work for various
ideas.  I decided to make some new holiday themed (at least in color on this one) items.  Here are my Valentine's Day potholders.

I was tempted to do a heart shaped, but I struggled with deciding on the best way to do it.  Hearts are not always as easy to do, tho I may have to try the filet crochet for them like the placements that I am almost done with.  These are potholders made out of cotton yarn.  Mostly Lily Sugar 'N Cream, but I think I also used the brand from our local Walmart which is Peaches and Creme.  I personally think they are both close to the same when working with them.

I didn't write down this pattern as it was a simple 25 scs in a row for 26 rows.  I made a front and back for each potholder to ensure that it would be thick enough to not burn my hands.  I find that cotton is the best for potholders as it can handle the temperature better then acrylic yarn.  I just wanted to share them to show ideas for people for Valentine's Day potholders.  If you have any questions I will gladly answer them for you.

Next post I will share the towel that I made but didn't turn out the way I had hoped, but we learn from mistakes...right?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Welcome to My Daily Crochet

I have been working with stitches for a couple of years now.  I love to crochet! I am not the best at writing patterns, tho I would like to get better so I can share some and maybe even sell some too.  I have done my own work, I just did not write the patterns down - yeah I have to work on that I know!

I am a busy woman but I am almost always working on something.  Sometimes I get my patterns from my head, sometimes from websites and sometimes from magazines.  When I find a great pattern that I enjoy or that I think you might like, I will share the link with you so you can enjoy also.

When I get better with writing down patterns, I will write patterns for my readers as well.  I hope you grab a hook and enjoy our blog :)